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As many of you may already be aware, the Fairfield Bay Community Club has been working very closely with Taylor-Mack Advertising on an all-new marketing plan for the area. Part of this plan, as you have probably already noticed, was a re-branding of our logo and corporate identity. In addition to our new logo, we have recently launched an all-new website, fairfieldbaystartstoday.com, that will serve as a centralized web portal for everything related to Fairfield Bay. If you haven’t already, please visit the new website and let us know what you think. Be sure to bookmark the site and check back frequently because it continues to evolve on a daily basis.

One feature that we are very excited about on the new website is our all-new Events Calendar. This events calendar will consolidate the efforts of every department within the club and will present visitors with a one-stop shop to quickly find upcoming events. The new calendar is presently released in BETA, and will hopefully be in full-force by August 1. To visit the all-new Community Events Calendar, click here.  All events on the calendar are categorized, for example, if a visitor only wants to see Golf Tournaments, they will have the ability to only view Golf Tournaments. Making the calendar even more user-friendly we have also added the ability for visitors to subscribe to our calendar via RSS or Google Calendar. We hope that you find this new feature useful, and stay tuned for additional announcements in the future…

Story Fest III Leaves Us Wanting More Stories

by: Sherry Guess, Fairfield Bay News Staff Writer

Saturday morning, April 21, 2012 dawned crisp and clear and the Storytelling gods smiled. This years event went off without a hitch and without a cloud in the sky to dampen our enthusiastic audience who filled the story telling tents early armed with fresh hot coffee and some sweet goodies provided by our vendors.

Parking was ample in all the lots surrounding the storytelling tents in the Village Shopping Mall and at nearby facilities in close proximity. Volunteers sporting vivid green badges were scattered throughout the area to offer assistance as needed in arranging cart rides to those who needed help or pointing out various other important locations, such as public restrooms, availability of water, programs, badge sales or tent seating in either one of the very large tents, etc.

Sharon Luxon and David McBee served at emcees in the tents, calling our attention to the stage when 10 a.m. finally arrived and giving introductions for each professional teller.

As each storyteller took the stage for their morning session, the crowd greeted them with high expectations and the joy normally displayed by small children at Christmas. Parked in Tent “A” for the morning session with camera and tripod at the ready, I witnessed the delightful and entertaining story telling of Dan Keding, Lyn Ford, Beth Horner and Kevin Cordi, each offering up one half hour of colorful stories, sometimes so funny we laughed while clutching our sides, and occasionally so poignant we reached for a kleenex (sometimes just a sleeve!). The morning literally flew by, leaving us all wanting more, more and more stories.

Breaking for lunch, we all had some idea of the fare offered at all the vendors stations, judging for the smells that permeated the tents right before we got our break. Some rushed quickly for pulled pork bar-b-que from The Little Red, while others opted for a fried chicken dinner from Jack’s or the Kirk of the HIlls Men’s group for Jambalaya or those plump and juicy “Dogs” we all love. Stringbeanz had desserts well covered with lots of homemade treats, including special Shirley grown strawberries over pound cake and topped with gobs of whipped cream. The Scouts offered snack food, like chips, Roger Hooper, our County judge was serving up fresh hot coffee. Kids flocked over to the Holiday Puppets who performed during the lunch break and offered free lessons in controlling the adorable puppets and marionettes. Van Swink had the Art Studio open for visitors as did the Bay Boutique and Sweet Shoppe, all the Realtor’s offices and other Bay businesses to assist and provide for any visitor’s needs while here in The Bay.

Once we had satisfied our hunger pangs and our sweets craving, we scurried back to our tents and prepared to be thoroughly entertained once more by all four of our Storytellers. This time, we decided to migrate to Tent “B” to get a different viewpoint. Honestly, I can say that whichever tent you chose, your entertainment value was just as great! All afternoon, we were regaled with an hours’ worth of high adventures and time worn family stories from each guest teller.

Speaking only for myself, I can tell you that the value of a good story really hit home for me in a very personal way. I found myself recalling more and more of my own family’s history and stories told to me over all the years of my childhood. At the end of it all, I resolved to do two things: Put Story Fest IV on my calendar for October 12, 2013 and conjure up all my best stories to tell my grandkids when they visit this summer! Nothing can replace the stories I heard long ago in my own family and no other entertainment we’ve had in The Bay has ever impacted me more on a personal level than the Story Fest. Thanks Stas’ Productions, Stas’ Ziolkowski, all the Sponsors, Friends, Patrons and Volunteers who made this event a reality and a huge success.

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