Billing Information

What is a Payment Received?
This is a payment received at our payment processing center in Birmingham, Alabama.

How can I tell if I have a credit balance?
A credit will be denoted under the amount due. Example: ($31.00.)

To control when I make my payment, can I change my due date?
No, but you can send your payment in advance. Please make sure to put your property number and I.D. number on your check to insure that the payment is applied to the right account, if not accompanied by a Remittance Advice.

Why did my last payment not show on my billing statement?
If a payment is not received before the statement is generated, it will not show a payment. This payment will be reflected on your next billing statement.

Can I make payment arrangements?
Yes, please contact the Owner Services Department.

Can I change my billing cycle?
Yes, but there is a $2.00 service charge when changing to a more frequent cycle, unless changing to a pre-authorized check (PAC) payment. If you would like to change your billing cycle, please contact our Owner Services Department.

I own several properties in Fairfield Bay, do I have to pay more than one membership fee?

Yes, each property is assessed membership dues and a road fee. Please check the Current Fees and Assessments screen for the current rates at this time.

What are the ways I can pay my bill?

  • Pre-authorized Check (PAC) payment: We offer a checking or savings account draft that will automatically be deducted every billing period. A billing statement will not be generated for this type of payment. If interested in this payment method, please contact the Owner Services Department.
  • Credit card or debit card by phone payments: This type of payment(s) must be made with an Owner Services representative and will be posted immediately. Contact our Owner Services Department.
  • Mailed payment, with remittance advice to the address on the billing statement: This is an electronic payment processing center. The payment is posted the same day received. Allow 5 business days for mail delivery. Posting your payment to the account may be delayed if the check or money order does not accompany your Remittance Advice.